Product Review of Sherwood RX-4109 105 Watt Stereo Receiver (Black)

Sherwood America has presented another audio product which has the same great quality found on other high-end music sound system & home stereo systems that also comes in affordable price: the Sherwood RX-4109 stereo receiver. This product is built-in-house & has the same quality as the other sound/audio products which are being produced by Sherwood America. The product has the ability  to operate properly even when being used consistently for 2 consecutive years. It’s good for listening music or even for viewing DVDs & DVR (digital video recorder) files.

Phono area preamp built-in.

Total Discrete Amplifier (TAF) level for all channels.

A/B switching for 2 pairs of the sound system.5 audio inputs such as tuner.

Quartz electronic tuning.17 3/8″ W x 5″ H x 13″ D.

Switching for two couples of speakers.

Product overview Sherwood RX-4109 :

Compared with the price stereo receivers now surging the entry-level prices at traders across the nation, the Sherwood RX-4109 is designed & built in-house with the same quality & attention to details we’ve been providing to our sound equipment for the last fifty years. With 105 Watts each channel, binding posts, phono area, a flexible remote control &switching for 2 pairs of speakers, the only factor that bespeaks the phrase “budget” about the product is its modest cost.

The Sherwood RX-4109 features completely distinct amplifiers for all channels to provide clean, efficient power for your encompass applications. The heavy-duty executed content ensure an efficient connection for your output gadgets. The AM/FM radio developed into the Sherwood RX-4109 functions 30 presets for saving your preferred stations. The large fluorescent screen reveals station  information & permits you to program a sleep timer for self-shutdown when not in use.

The product has Speaker Selector Buttons and these management buttons allow you to choose various combinations of speakers for various programs. Choose between 2 sets of speakers (A & B sets), or both utilizing the buttons on the front of the recipient. When using earphones for private listening, just press these buttons in order to switch off the speaker A & B. Handle the action with the included forty-three-key remote control. Access volume & station features, adjust your configurations, change between 5 input sources, plus more.

Sherwood RX-4109 is a must have sound/audio devices for music fans as well as for those people who want to have excellent sound quality while viewing their DVR & DVDs files. It’s also strongly suggested to those who want an excellent audio device for their speakers. It can be utilized on outside audio system since it can hold up against any changes in moisture & temperature. It can be simply set up without the help of a professional & gives a great value for your money. It has better quality & performance  than other budget receivers accessible in the market.


Can be easily installed.

Has fresh & clear sound.

Can be applied to in stereo systems which have a turntable, an iPod, & a CD player.

Can be used as a desktop device for PC & radio function or even in a TV set or home theatre system.

Can manage the whole audio spectrum.

Has audible response to highs & bass controls.

It generates less signal noise because of its 90 dB signal-to-noise ratio.

With conventional warranty.

Energy efficient and safe to operate.

The amplifier has no noticeable distortion.


Doesn’t have enough strength bars.

Poor or inadequate reception on FM channels.

Has complicated radio tuning.

Vague information in the user guide, making it tough to understand by ordinary people.

The keypad on the remote won’t allow you to key in station wavelengths directly.

Although it looks expensive, it’s less cheap & can match, if not surpass, the quality, efficiency & designs of the more costly competitive brands. Customers can depend on the performance of the Sherwood RX-4109.

All of the stereo receivers accessible in the market come in different designs, performance, & specifications. It’s difficult to find a stereo receiver which comes at an affordable price, yet has the identical quality as the more costly brands of speakers. The Sherwood R

X-4109 stereo receiver offers high quality & better performance. It should be included in the short list of devices that you’re considering to buy.