Product Review of Marantz NR1403 Slim Line AV Receiver

The Marantz NR1403 receiver provides high quality audio & video of your home theatre system. With 6 HDMI outputs, this 5.1 channel AV receiver enables customers to play audio & movie from a range of multi-media gadgets. I recently set-up an awesome stereo receiver in my bedroom. It isn’t a large room & the receiver isn’t developed for ear-splitting volume levels. I select this device based mainly on its compact size & Marantz’s reputation. I’ve not been disappointed. The design is simple and eye-catching. The materials & construction all seem to be top quality. The compact size makes this device ideal for a smaller room establishing (bedroom, den, office, etc.).

Completely distinct power amplifier design for all five channels (50 W x 5 channels at eight ohms) provides the audio quality the Marantz is known for.

Low profile framework. At less than 4.5″ in height, the Marantz NR1403 suits into many areas that other receivers can’t.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity through optionally available RX-101 adaptor6 x HDMI in/1 x HDMI out allows you to link your HDMI-equipped gadgets with a single cable.

Front-panel HDMI input gives an easy connection for fast hook up & playback of your HDMI-equipped convenient gadgets.

Product overview Marantz NR1403 :

Enjoy optimum video & audio quality through your home theatre system with the Marantz NR1403 thin line AV recipient from Marantz. Set up with 6 HDMI inputs, including one on the front side, this receiver enables you to play video and audio from a wide range of gadgets, such as set-top boxes, DVD players,  Blu-ray players, camcorders, & even tablets. Audyssey MultEQ technology maximizes the acoustics, when 3D pass-through support creates it excellent for playing Blu-ray 3D discs. Part of Marantz’s thin line series, the Marantz NR1403 functions a smooth design & a small footprint, making it right for audiophiles with space constraints.

With this product, you can experience maximum audio through your home theatre system & play movies, music, & more from a range of sources, such as game systems, Blu-ray players, & cell phones. The NR1403 is a 5.1-channel receiver, so you are able to power right, left, & centre sound system along with right and left encompass speakers for maximum surround sound. It is right for family rooms, play rooms, dedicated television & entertainment rooms, & even bedrooms.

The Marantz NR1403 facilitates playback of the latest HD audio formats & has distinct power amplifiers for all 5audio channels. Award-winning Audyssey MultEQ technology assists create a maximum acoustic profile for your house theatre system, leading to clear & balanced sound. Moreover, built-in 3D pass-through technological innovation allows the receiver to route 3D movie alerts from a Blu-ray player to your high-definition TV–making this excellent for enjoying Blu-ray 3D disks.

Thanks to 6 HDMI inputs–including one on the front. You are able to enjoy high-quality, HD video & sound from a variety of sources. The high-definition multimedia interface input on the front -panel lets you quickly connect an HDMI-ready convenient device, including a camcorder or a tablet PC. The receiver is also ready with one HDMI outcome along with right & left preamp results for external power amplifiers.

The optionally available Marantz RX-101 Bluetooth Adaptor (sold independently) enables the NR1403 to get Bluetooth wireless alerts. Like other items in Marantz’s slim line series, the Marantz NR1403 receiver functions a fashionable dark finish along with a thin profile & a small footprint, generating it easy to match into limited areas. A user-friendly, on-screen “

Setup assistant” makes easier the set up process.


Slim design with 1/2 the height of conventional receivers.5 audio channels with discrete power amps for encompass sound.

Audyssey MultEQ technology will personalize sound in your living room.

Built-in 3D pass-through assistance for enjoying 3D videos.6 HDMI inputs to play video & audio from several sources.

User-friendly, on-screen “setup assistant” for effortless installation.3-year warranty.


It has only 5.1 channels.

Minimalist feature set.

The product has no network connectivity.

Just video connections other than high-definition multimedia interface are composite (no component), that may be a problem with older video players.

Some features can be utilized only via remote.

The Marrantz NR-1403 lightweight AVR is the perfect solution for accomplishing high quality sound where a minimalist setup is preferred. The sound quality is really excellent & the deficiency of a full feature-set can be pardoned in exchange for the compact size & ease-of-use that this unit offers. Highly Suggested.