Infinity Primus P363 Three-way dual 6-1/2-Inch Floorstanding Speaker (Black, Each) Review

With double 6.5″ low frequency driver, the Infinity P363 speakers provide remarkable bass & clear lows. The four-inch mid-range driver of the Infinity floor-standing speaker delivers realistic & clear sound. The speakers use the MMD transducers technology which provides excellent sound reproduction with excellent quality. The eight ohms impedance of this Infinity music presenter provides clear & dynamic sound even from low power gadgets. Prepare to boost your targets. Experience home entertainment at a new level of quality and authenticity. From discreet bookcase systems to dazzlingly highly effective home theatres, there is an Infinity Primus speaker which is right for each purpose & room in your house.

Key features of the product:3-way floor-standing loudspeaker.

Four-inch (100mm) MMD mid-range driver.

Dual 6.5-inch (165mm) MMD low-frequency drivers.3/4-inch (19mm) MMD high-frequency driver.5-way binding posts.

Product overview:

The Infinity Primus P363BK’s mid-range duplication is almost completely fairly neutral – offering inner musical details & ambience from any kind of songs, & any volume level. Along with its fantastic straight line frequency response, the P363BK shines in the high wavelengths to recreate acoustic equipment & vocal tracks with solid mid-range power to wash you in the audio. The P363′s transient reaction is equally amazing – nimble and distinct – completely recreating innovative drums and violin methods. With the Primus P363BK’s Steel Matrix Diaphragm percussion & piano modalities, you’ll listen to songs just the way it was recorded, without the speaker altering or changing the sound – accurate as it should be.

Where you sit in a space/room as you listen to audio system can have just as excellent an impact on their audio quality as the speakers themselves. By utilizing an acoustic waveguide, excellent wavelengths have an extensive distribution throughout the room. To ensure enjoying the Primus P363BK is really an excellent experience everywhere in the room, they use an exclusive “waveguide” around the tweeter. This waveguide guarantees an extensive distribution of the excellent wavelengths throughout the room while keeping them both precise & natural-sounding. The outcome is an enveloping, genuine sound experience throughout the entire space/room, making the P363BK ideal for crucial movie & music reproduction.

An awesome sounding loudspeaker should play just what it is informed to without changing the audio. One way that a badly designed loudspeaker can modify the audio is when the fencing resonates or vibrates. Resonance can modify a speaker’s overall tonal balance & totally change the audio of the recording that it plays. To remove any fencing resonance from the P363BK Floorstanding sound system, Infinity technicians the fencing using determine inner bracing that improves hardness so it doesn’t shake or resonate. Bass sounds tight & precise while the soundstage is sleek and precise.

The Excellent Infinity technological innovation provides sound perfection. Several loudspeaker producers are basically loudspeaker assemblers, purchasing parts of the display from different organizations with the objective of assembling them into a product. While this might assist keep expenses down, it provides very little assurance about how the speakers are going to audio. The Infinity Primus P363BK’s speaker baffles, drivers, cabinets & wave guides are all engineered and developed by Infinity to work easily together as a system, suitable together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. And since Infinity has developed each piece for the best possible audio quality, the result is a loudspeaker which we can guarantee will impress you regardless what you occur to be listening to.


They look very eye-catching with or without the top side grille on.

They can be operated successfully by just about any receiver/amplifier.

Impressive audio for such moderate size & cost.

The capability to play loud without problems.

Very fluid mid-range performance.


Very agonizing to listen to particular genres of songs (i.e. Trance, classic rock, some jazz) at high volume even medium volume.

Speakers appear to fall off at around 10k Hz leaving the high-maids engulf the audio.

Bass reaction is mediocre at best. It’s possible to EQ the audio, but they still do not audio very attractive.

Treble a bit forward & highlighted with some recordings.

Truly just excellent audio system at any cost which really amounts it up. They are effective, have excellent extension/detail and offer an awesome feeling of space. These speakers sound quality is wonderful, & I again said even better for the price. Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with this speaker. I’m sure there are better speakers in the market but the P363′s are just excellent for me. I do not think I will get better audio than what I get from these for the price. I would like to strongly recommend this product.