Home theater seating

Good home theater seating depends a lot upon the type of person who’s buying it and how many people they expect to have watching television at the same time. A good home theater experience definitely depends upon how comfortable you are watching the movie. You don’t want yourself or your guests to be changing positions all the time, trying to find something that relaxes them.

Most people prefer the kind of home theater seating that allows you to sit up or recline a little. Reclining chairs or sofas are a great piece of furniture to have for home theater seating as it allows the individual to choose what is most comfortable for them, and to occasionally change positions if they need to.

Another great idea for home theater seating is to purchase overly large bean bags or “Lovesacs” as one company calls them. It creates a very relaxed environment for all who are watching the movie, making the experience that much more enjoyable. It allows the individual to relax in any position they desire and makes guests and family want to return to your home theater room often. If this is your purpose in building a home theater, then you will definitely want to consider this kind of home theater seating.

There are a few “don’ts” that you will want to remember when arranging home theater seating. Don’t use straight-backed dining chairs. These chairs are only comfortable if you have something to lean on and they aren’t comfortable for very long. Do not arrange seating too close to the speakers as this can damage the ears. Arrange your seating so everyone has a good view of the screen and can sit comfortably and with enough breathing space.

If there isn’t enough space on the couches or chairs, throw a few extra pillows on the floor and let the younger ones use that space. This is usually not as comfortable as the couches, but if you many guests, carpet, pillows, and a blanket will work for a while. Most couches or soft chairs will work for home theater seating. It’s not always necessary to go out and buy something new. As long as you, your family, and your guests are relaxed and happy, then you’ve accomplished your purpose.